Five English teams, one Manx team and one Welsh team! We had 18 of our pupils from 5 years old to 20 years old, competing in Manchester.

They get up at approx 5 am to be in Manchester by 9. They then have to ride a horse that they’ve never ridden before and strut their stuff in front of a judge. The team work between us all is amazing. Parents are amazing and I love the way older ones help the younger, less experienced members. We are so lucky to be able to attend this competition at another friendly yard. 

Overall Ffion Roberts won the novice having ridden a seriously good test. The novice team were just pipped to the post and came second.
In the C test, Ffion had 3rd individual and Gorswen came 4th and 5th. ( only .3%behind).

I’m not sure where our D teams came but they all rode beautifully and presented themselves so well. 

It’s a proud moment watching all the Gorswen friends supporting each other.


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