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Our Horses


Alfie came to us about 8 years ago. Sheiron, one of our clients bought him and then sadly out grew him so we didn't hesitate at making an offer for him. Alfie is probably more human than pony to be honest. He is very popular as he can jump nicely and with our more experienced children he is very responsive to the aids. On our face book page Alfie normally manages to get into most photos!


Another section A, Sali is great friends with Tommy and Alfie. She is used for smaller children for walk and trot lessons and small jumps. When she is in the field, Sali shows great talent for jumping as she pops stone walls easily without a rider. However,when being jumped by children she sets herself a maximum of roughly 50cms!


This is Dylan. Dylan is a Section D Welsh cob. He came to Gorswen at about 4years old and is now 19. He is a very popular pony as he is forward going but not strong. Dylan is a very genuine horse and has given many people confidence in their riding. These days he is used for novices and more experienced riders.


This is Drumbeat. Drumbeat is an 18 year old warm blood by the stallion Carnaval Drum. A friend of mine bought Drumbeat because "she liked him" but didn't really have a use for him. Drumbeat has been very well schooled and has competed at British eventing and we feel very lucky to have him at Gorswen. When he was sold he was described as "quirky " and yes he is a little. He does like to express his opinions from time to time and stop at a brightly coloured showjump!  Drumbeat is ridden by our more experienced riders and is currently doing light competing with Lauren.


This is Tom. Tom is about 23 years old. He has been at Gorswen since he was about 5 years old. In his time, he was a sharp little jumping pony and we had to be careful who rode him. Nowadays, Tom is perfect for the small children as he is happy to do what they ask of him aslong as it's not too fast!


This is Picasso, a well bred Welsh section C. Picasso -or Pico- is another popular pony as he is forward going and loves to jump. He came to us as a livery and we bought him at roughly 3 years old so we have broken and produced him. He was purchased for Katie Jones and she carefully introduced him to competition life, including WHP at Anglesey show.


Meet Tommy. Tommy is a Welsh Section A and was bred on Anglesey. A beautiful pony and is used by our smaller children for walk and trot lessons. He can trot happily over piles and small jumps


Meet Snowdrop. When I first went to see Snowdrop I was looking for a grey/white horse but no, Snowdrop is a chestnut mare. She was called Snowdrop as she was born one February morning in a snow storm. She was bred outside Caernarfon by a friend of mine-Helen. Helen had a riding school and due to ill health had to close down so asked me to take a few horses. Snowdrop came to us a very green mare and has been worked by our more experienced riders. She still is ridden by the experienced riders and loves to jump.


This is Mist- Snowdrops younger sister. They share similar personalities but Misty is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced riders. When she came to Holyhead from Caernarfon, she went to live with Evie who was one of our young riders. Evie did lots of hacking with Misty, including drag hunting, x-country jumping and show jumping. When Evie out grew Misty I couldn't wait to have her at Gorswen as she is such a lovely horse.


Whinnie is a stunning Welsh section b pony, he makes any photo of himself beautiful. He is exceptionally friendly and lives people and all the other horses. Whinnie tends to be ridden by children who are confident as he can be cheeky and wants to go where he wants to go. He is forward going and likes cantering. He also came from the riding school in Caernarfon.


Cordi is a 14hh Welsh sec d.  She has been with us since she was 4 and is now 18.  Cordi is ridden by the few who like a horse to go forward particularly into a jump!  She is a lovely mare and is adored by Jack and Tom who follow her everywhere!


Holly was imported from Ireland by a local show jumper in 2003 as a a 3 year old. She was sold to one of Gorswen's students Jazz, who taught Holly to jump amongst other things. After Jazz left school she had to sell Holly so knowing Holly so well we bought her. Holly is ideal for beginners as she has such a quiet temperament but can jump a course of small fences with a more confident rider.

Gorswen Riding school is run by a BHS qualified and registered instructor - Ruth Owen.  We operate from a small indoor arena so can offer year round instruction. We also have a field for summer use to allow clients to ride and jump outdoors.

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