Group Lessons

Price: £15 / 30 minutes

Mini Group Lessons

Week Days

Max 5 riders

Age: From 5 years

Available at Any Level

The majority of our business is based around class lessons. We start children at 5 years old and if possible they are in small classes to start with. This is because the beginner rider has more attention from the instructor and is able to ride without a helper. Within a few lessons most beginners have achieved the basic skills needed to go into a slightly bigger class. We only have 5 students as a maximum in each class. All riders work from their first lesson with ground poles. These poles give the beginner riders great direction and help with basic steering and control. The ground poles gradually become higher and gradually the beginner rider becomes a novice who is happy at jumping a small course of jumps. Again, with help, the novice rider is encouraged to ride outdoors and jump a small course of jumps.

We have produced riders like Jade Roberts who “left” us at 16 to go to Coleg Glynllifon, became student of the year there, who works for an Olympic eventer as an international travelling groom. We have Lauren, who again started as a beginner, and is now working towards BHS exams.

Evie and Mia who started as 6 year olds and now have their own ponies/horses Mia has achieved national show jumper status.

These results are amazing but no less rewarding than perhaps waiting for a few weeks for the very nervous child to actually get on for the first time. Each person brings different challenges to us and it is so rewarding helping each individual fulfill individual goals. These goals are frequently fulfilled through the medium of our class lessons.