Third time to visit Carrington for the intercentre dressage

Today was our third time to visit Carrington for the intercentre dressage. Seven centres competed today from around England including one from the Isle of Wight. There was only one Welsh team and yes, that was us , Gorswen! AND we had a shout out on Heart radio whilst en route to manchester! Thanks to Ffion.
Our members rode so confidently it was hard to believe that Sindy only started riding about 6 months ago, one or two had nearly given up after falls and that all of them had started as complete beginners with us. 


Gorswen team in Manchester

Lauren, Ffion and Louise came 2nd in the novice with less than 1% dividing 1st and 2nd. Lauren had highest score and ffion had third highest score.
Our c test group came 4th in their section and Dakota had the second highest percentage in their group. 

The d test group had 5th place and 7th. Amelia won the prize for the smiliest child. 

Well done everyone and thank you mums and dads for transporting them many, many hours ago this morning!


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